Tuesday, October 30, 2007

*grumble grumble* Shipping *grumble grumble*

According to the 'tracking' website my Knitpicks package was supposed to be here yesterday but got to my local post office this morning after 10am. Grrrrr. I didn't cast anything on yesterday because I didn't want to abandon a project for the mittens. I was itchy itching for something to knit today so I cast on Calorimetry this morning and finished this afternoon.

So my itchy fingers were calmed for a bit, but I still want to cast on for some Halloween socks. Itchy, itchy, itchy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beware of the Donut!

Apparently they can make you sick enough you make *really* good friends with the potties in your house. For an entire day. So I certainly won't be going anywhere near a donut for a good long while.

I have finally come up with a mitten pattern to use for my No-More-Hum-Drum-Mittens swap partner, Squirrelly Swedish Mittens My book never came to the LYS, or they never called me, so that narrowed the field a bit. I would eventually like to get the book, but I guess the universe doesn't want me to get it right now. Now to wait for my Knitpicks order to arrive. It is currently 'in process' so it should ship within a day or two and then I can start on the mittens. It's good that I have to wait though, my 2.25mm needles are currently occupied with UglySock so I wouldn't be able to start them right away anyway.

I am down to the last half of the repeat and I think I should be fine to start the toe decreases. Being sick has really put a damper on my knitting.

The day after I became ill I received my Socks of Doom in the mail. Bereni was my assassin and she sent me a lovely pair of warm blue socks. Now if only the weather here would get cold enough to warrant handknit socks!
Now I'm just waiting on the socks from my victim to send to my assassin's assassin's assassin. Hopefully she isn't dead yet!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm not dead yet!

Although I am a bit jumpy when I hear the postman/fed-ex truck/ups truck drives by.

Driving myself a bit batty trying to find the best mitten pattern/yarn combo for my No-More-Hum-Drum-Mittens swap partner. Hopefully the book I ordered comes in to the LYS soon so I can come to a final decision and order the yarn and get working.

I'm hoping to post pictures tomorrow of my uglysock (It's a really strange colorway, I'm not even sure where exactly I got the yarn, but I kinda like it so I'm just going to keep on keepin on.) and my Tangled Yoke Cardi-in-progress.

Tonight's question to stall and keep mommy in the room question from C was 'Mommy, why don't mice wear pants?'


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sock Wars!

I have been very sporadic posting here and I don't think I have mentioned my participation in Sock Wars. Well I have signed up to be a warrior in this years competition and I hope to go very far! My target's socks are finished and on their way to being packed up and sent out first thing tomorrow morning. FL sock warriors beware!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Monkey Swap box is in the mail winging its way to my partner. Should be there soon! Every time we see something monkey-related in a store C says 'Oh mommy! We could get this for your monkeypal!'. I should probably start collecting for the next round. I hope there's a next round!

I have signed up for another swap along with the mitten swap, my husband thinks I have lost the last marble. Vintage Sock Swap - you knit a sock of your partners choosing from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush and include some goodies. I have really enjoyed knitting socks for other people in these last couple swaps. This way more people than just my mother are tortured with handknit socks. Heh. I told my husband that I would knit him a pair as soon as he did something about his man-feet. There is no way I am putting in the time and care to knit a pair of socks for his 12EEE clodhoppers to have them worn down in a matter of days.

I decided the other day that I wanted to knit a sweater for me. Me me me me. So I decided on the Tangled Yoke Cardi from the newest IK. I'll post pics next time (which will hopefully be less time than the time between the previous post and now). I have just started the increases for the body so a ways to go yet. C also requested a new sweater since she has outgrown the one I made her 2 years ago. I'm thinking the Jack & Jill Hooded Sweatshirts from Knitpicks will work. I just have to commit to the order. I always have trouble clicking 'send'...