Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sock Madness!

After a lot of speculation from the participants on what day of the week pattern #2 would come out we were told 'maybe' it would come out on Tuesday (April 1). So banking on that idea I decided that Monday morning while C was in school it would be a good time to haul some of the extras she had amassed out of her room. After cleaning (read: tossing things in the trash) for about 45 minutes I came to see how much longer I had and there was an email from Carole and Hilary with the second pattern! Those tricksters played an early April Fool's joke on us all and sent the pattern a day ahead of time!
Reversai Finished
The pattern is completely reversible. Which means a garter stitch foot and heel. Not something I would normally pick to knit, but they turned out really nice and not terribly uncomfortable to walk on.
The yarn is Socks that Rock lightweight in Calico. They took from Monday to Thursday night to knit up. Unfortunately for me I didn't have as clear a schedule as I did with the first round, but I still made it in time to be one of the 20 finishers in my division.


crazy knitter lady said...

I love the pattern. It is really nice. I am always intrigued by reversible patterns. Also the STR spiraled nicely around the foot. It does not look like it has too much pooling.

JessN said...

Not much pooling at all actually. It pretty much kept up the same swirly stripey pattern the whole way down. I was wondering how the cast on amount would effect the STR and it turned out really well!