Monday, September 10, 2007

They're here!

(Well, in all honesty they got here on Friday but who is counting.)
My Sockapalooza socks that is!

My partner was SandyK. She sent me the softest most comfy pair of socks I have ever come in contact with. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in 'Misty Moor' and the pattern is one she made up herself (she says it'll be available on her blog soon.

She also sent along a cute little sheepy (which was swiftly whisked away by the pixie in the pic above) and a keychain sockblocker sock with a wee pattern. I think my Christmas tree may be full of bitty socks this year.

In other knitting news I ripped two socks last night. Conwy and Pomatomas were never to be, at least not in those yarns/colorways. I had gotten past the gusset on both of them and came to the realization that I really didn't like how they were knitting up and decided that even if I was to finish that sock I wouldn't be bothered to cast on for the partner. So instead of having singletons that I wouldn't wear, nor would make a mate for, I set up the old ball winder and zipped those suckers off the needles. Now I have hit the sock knitting blahs. I looked through the three sock pattern books I have and have gone through my free pattern bookmarks and I can't find a single pattern that is calling to me. It isn't just socks either. I picked up Mirabilia's 'Petal Fairy' this morning with the intention to finish the stem she is standing on (that's pretty much all I have left - the stem, her legs and feet and the beading) and I realized that I had started the second stem about 5 stitches farther over than it was supposed to be. Had to rip all that out too. I was almost done with the second stem. So I put that back down again. Now I sit with nothing to do and no burning desire to start anything new. I think maybe C and I will go take a nap...

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