Friday, November 16, 2007

And then some?

When I asked the ultrasound tech if I had everything that was supposed to be in there she said 'And then some'. Turns out I have at least 5 gallstones, the largest of which is blocking the bile duct. That is the one that is causing me the problems when I eat fatty foods. I have an appointment with a surgeon on 12/5 and hopefully won't have to wait very long to get the thing out of me.

Enough about my innards and on to the knitting. Unfortunately I haven't got any pictures at the moment, but I have been working on the socks for my Vintage Sock Swap pal. I decided to do the Child's French Sock pattern. I liked the color of the ones in the book so I pulled some KnitPicks Essential in Burgundy out of my stash. I have just finished turning the heel and am on my way down the foot. I'm also making some enormous mittens for enormous hubbo's hands. Using the Urban Necessities pattern from MagKnits, but I went up a needle size to accommodate his 9.75 palm circumference. Luckily the first one fits quite well.

My etsy favorites list is currently 3 pages long. I think I need to decide on what I am getting my pals from the Mitten Swap and the Sock Swap and order it so I can be sure it's here in time for mailing. How to narrow three pages of super neat stuff? sigh...

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Anonymous said...

My supervisor at work's wife had gallstones. She read on the internet some congotion to mix together. Nothing in it was strange but mixed together it did not look well. But she was having pain and ready to try almost anything. After taking the drink by the time she got back to the doctor they were gone. You may want to research natural remedies mentioned on the internet. Good luck on 5 Dec but that is a long time to wait. You may want to show up at urgent care and tell them you just can't take the pain anymore so you can get help sooner. It must be there in your hospital or clinic somewhere.