Thursday, November 8, 2007

That's all it is?!

I had another 'episode' Sunday night/Monday morning and decided that the 7th one was enough to make me go to the ER to see if there was something seriously wrong (this one wasn't nearly as bad as the previous one, thank Maude). At the ER I was diagnosed with 'abdominal pain', given a shot of pain meds (that did pretty much nothing), told I need to have an ultrasound of my gallbladder, and I'm not to eat anything fatty or delicious ever again. Or until I have that sucker ripped out. I have an appointment with a GI doc on Monday so hopefully I'll get this solved before having another one of these episodes. I could really do without being taken out with pain for about a week.

In knitting news I have gotten some stuff done while attempting to pretend I'm not in pain. I have almost completed one of the mittens for my swap partner. I think I might be redoing this one though. This one is almost too tight I think so I am going to knit the right one a needle size up and see if that helps. And my floats where the needles changeare a bit tight. Good thing I have heaps of yarn. I have also finished about 8 mittens for Cait, but none of them seem to fit her properly. There's one on the needles right now that look like they might be a winner.

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Cheryl said...

OOOoohhh such a pretty mitten