Wednesday, January 9, 2008

5 Goals for 2008

Alright! My 5 goals for 2008 are

1 - Knit a sweater for me. I have started at least 5 sweaters in the past, but I always get bored and put it down and when I come back I don't remember where I was so to the frog pond it goes. This year I WILL knit a sweater for me!

2- Steeking. I am pretty terrified to cut my knitting. All that work could potentially unravel. ACK! Maybe the sweater for me will be stranded and then I'll steek it. Probably not. I think I'll start small with a doll sweater.

3 - This one is rather cliche, but I'm going to put it anyway. I need to lose at least 15lbs or I'm going to more than likely have to start on blood pressure medication. No thanks. The weight will come off. I've done it before. I just need to be healthier. So yeah, goal #3 is to be healthier and get more exercise.

4 - Go back to school. Even if it's for one class a week. I need to start planning on what I'm going to do once the kid in is full time school. I really don't want to go back to working the retail grind so I've gotta get some sort of certificate or summat. I have been bouncing back and forth between being an EMT and being a Nurse.

5 - Not spend money on silly things that won't get used and will end up in the giveaway pile or thrown out. That's a big waste. The husband and I are big impulse buyers and it wastes so much money. The goal this year is to pay off credit cards and start saving. I will go into a store with a list and stick to my list no matter what. When it comes to big ticket items (we're probably going to need a new TV soon and, of course, hubs wants to get a GIANT one) we will have to sit down and research and discuss for longer than a week before deciding to buy. I'm tired of looking at my bank account and thinking 'Where did all our money go?'. Time to fix that.

So there you go folks. JessN's 5 goals for 2008. Going to have to keep coming back to this list every month to remind myself of them and get going to getting them accomplished. I will leave you with a picture of my perfect Jaywalkers for my Sock It To Me Twice pal =) I'm going to have to mail them soon, otherwise they'll find their way to my feet and I'll have to make her something else. On the plus side, they're a bit too small so maybe I won't steal them...

I think I need to invest in a pair of sock blockers. I'll put it on the list!


Sock It to Me 2x Spoiler said...

Steeking scares me. You're one brave woman!

I wanted to verify your feet measurements. Could you either post them again on your blog or send me an email with them to I send you an email requesting your foot measurements.

Luanda said...

you go girl! you are totally going to kick butt in 2008...I have similar goals and I'm sticking to it!