Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Haven't fallen off the face of the earth!

So sorry to my pals that have been trying to get to know me through my blog. December wasn't a very good month. Sick kid, sick me, doctors visits, hospital stay and now I can't drive a car or yawn, but I won't have gallbladder problems anymore!

Christmas was good though. Santa brought the kid an easel and fun stuff to go with it, she got some toys as well but I tried to keep it low key this year. She has a ton of toys as it is and is the only kid on both sides of the family so she is rather spoiled. The husband got his coveted PS3 and I got a Nintendo DS and some loverly sock yarn that the husband picked out all by his lonesome (I think I'll keep him).

I don't have pictures of the Christmas yarns (not sure where the camera is atm), but I do have a picture of the lovely things that my No-More-Hum-Drum Mittens swap pal, Melissa, sent me.

The new Cat Bordhi book, knitpicks harmony dpns and some beautiful pink Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. I have no idea how she knew I wanted that book, knitter telepathy I guess. I can't wait to crack into that sucker and see what fun new things Cat Bordhi can teach me! I had been waiting for those needles too. Every time I went to order, they were out of stock. Melissa must have a quick clicky finger! I also finished my mittens for the swap. I did Matrix from the most recent Knitty and I think they turned out pretty well.

I wanted to keep them for myself >.> I need to work on stranding a bit more, but I think for beginning tries they don't look too bad. I figured out color dominance and holding both colors in one hand. I have also been knitting away on the socks for my SITM2 pal. I had been looking for orange yarn for my pals socks since I didn't have any in my stash (other than Halloween yarn and I wasn't too sure about that) so hubbo decided to stop off at the yarn store after work (woah! was my reaction too) and picked up a skein of Opal Rainforest 'Otto der Tanzer', which is the bird with blues and oranges and browns. I finished the first sock while in the hospital (kitchenered the toe while on morphine, that was a feat) and the second sock last night.

That's the best I can do picture-wise right now. They match up perfectly. I am so very happy with the way they turned out. I am a big fan of the Opal yarn now. I found The Sheeps Tale had some of theirs on sale for as low as $7.25 a skein. There went my 'knit from your stash' diet for 2008. I ended up with $55 worth of yarn in my cart (can't resist the siren song of Cherry Tree Hill) and the husband finished my order for me while I was getting the kid ready for bed (I think he wants something. He usually rolls his eyes at my yarnyness, but lately he has been supportive. Although he has been dropping hints and asides about needing new computer parts. I'll bet that's what this is about...)

I have been thinking about my knitting goals for 2008 and have decided that there are two things that I would really like to do. Start and finish a sweater for me, and try my hand at steeking. Not going to give myself a pile of resolutions or anything like that. I figure if I can knock out those two goals then I'll have had a pretty good year and anything else I learn will be icing on that cake. Mmm cake. For now I have to finish sock #2 for the Vintage Sock Swap and get that package ready to send out. Gotta get it done before Monday. Just can't get sidetracked by my Nintendo DS, the PS3 or my wee warlock on the Warcraft. Focus, Jess, focus!

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